Alpha Black Adhesive



Have no fear, the Alpha Black is here!

Building on our Alpha Clear formula, we're excited to launch the Alpha Black which is easy to use, works well in a wide range of humidity levels, and is waterproof! YESS, you read that right: it's WATERPROOF! Just in time for summer!

We've been working hard to improve the lashing experience and now with the use of our Alpha Black, maintenance just got a whole lot easier. No more 24hr waiting rule, no more concerns over wetting your lashes; you can go directly from the lash bed to the beach. 



Format: 5ml / 0.17 fl oz

Dry Time: 1 second

Viscosity: Medium

Color: Black

Bond: Strong

Humidity Range: 30 - 70 %

Retention: 7 weeks 

Fumes: Low


Unopened: 6 months

Opened: 4 weeks

* It is recommended that each bottle of adhesive, once opened, should be replaced every 4 weeks to optimize retention.


Suitable Storage Temperature: 19 - 23°C

Unopened/opened Adhesive: To optimize adhesive usage, store in an dry air-tight container or a zip package with silica gel.

Keep away from direct sunlight in a well ventilated space and in a controlled cool environment.

Cleaning Method: Keep nozzle clean after each use with a lint-free or cotton-free wipe. To avoid exposure to oxygen and moisture, secure nozzle tightly. 

Shake well at the start of each day for 60 seconds before use.

Before dispensing a new glue droplet, shake well for 30 seconds. Replace glue droplet every 20-30 minutes depending on humidity level.



WARNING: Avoid contact with cotton, wool and other natural materials. Contact may result in a extreme heating reaction.

To minimize inhalation of the fumes, work space must be well ventilated in a cool controlled environment. 

Adhesive should always be used at a safe distance from both clients and lash technicians to minimize the toxicity of the fumes.

Wearing a mask is recommended, when using product.

Not intended for self-application.

Eyes must remain closed during the duration of the entire lashing application.

In any case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with cool water and seek for medical advice.

Keep out of reach of children.

For professional use only. Must be certified or licensed according to standards and regulations in their respective states or regions.

Shades Lashes does not endorse the use of glue rings/palettes/holders placed above the client's forehead to minimize inhalation of the fumes.